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Dear Szeklerland friends and others!

As we all know, Szeklerland was consistently purposely regressed from infrastructural and economic point of view by the Romanian governments which were on power at all times. What's more, after the 70's and 80's industry was imported forcefully and privatized, with the help of which the nearly completely Hungarian content of the population was diluted, led to a total chaos. To attain this target, they used large sums of government funds. Even in the last four years of the successful RMDSZ leadership, when big amounts of money arrived to Szeklerland, these funds proved to be unevenly low compared to money given to other counties.

Therefore, The Hungarian Civic Party (MPP) restarted its campaign, named the SZEKLERLAND PRODUCT project, which hasn't got a political coloring, however, it looks for partners to upgrade the SZEKLERLAND region.

However, what are we talking about?

About nothing too complicated, only about the preservation of traditional Szeklerland goods, about enhancing their quality, about increasing the range of products, and about a self motivation process which leads to Szeklerland buyers buying their own region manufactured goods. Furthermore, to enable the non-Szeklerland buyers not to buy the Banatean macaroni, Bako flour, or Maramaros dairy produce, but purchase the Szeklerland products which have a guaranteed quality.

This is what the target is, we should collaborate in this respect, we should advertise this, in order to inbuilt it in everybody's subconscious mind. The point of view of politician, entrepreneur, citizen, teacher, scientist, producer, trader, should all meet in this respect. This is how the MPP made a partnership with the ASIMCOV Small and Middle Entrepreneurs Society, and is looking for Seklerland counties' municipalities and local governments. In this way, we will need media to promote this idea. Naturally, we will also need a trade name, which has to answer for the quality. Also there is need for quality experts in different branches whose supervision and approval is indispensable in order to use the Szeklerland trade name on the packaging. We have to achieve the objective that this trade name in the mother country as well as in the Romanian regions become a quality standard. So that people would look for these products on the shelves and not avoid them.

Of course to start a new project one needs many specialists. Let us think together about the future of Seklerland! This is the reason why we renew our honpage with the help of Ercomp Ltd. where we are awaiting for helpful ideas in the argument forum in order to enhance our project.

However, until this trade name gets to these goods, please let us look for the origin of the goods and buy only SZEKLERLAND PRODUCTS!

Gazda Zoltán